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Our fifth issue of Leading Edge focuses on the importance of pilot proficiency, reflecting Hartzell Propeller’s steadfast commitment to training and aviation safety. We’re pleased to feature an interview with Charlie Gregoire, President and COO of Redbird Flight Simulations. Get an inside look at Redbird, a company that’s at the forefront of developing advanced, affordable flight simulation technology. You’ll also find articles on risk management and preflight procedures, as well as interviews with backcountry pilots and helpful tips for maintaining and protecting your Hartzell propeller. 

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Pilot Safety: Self-Assessing Risk

Learn about the importance of identifying and mitigating pilot risk

Feature Story Image_Passion for Proficiency_482x320

A Passion for Proficiency

An interview with Charlie Gregoire of Redbird Flight Simulations

Backcountry Aviation

Protecting the Future of Recreational Aviation

The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) aims to protect the legacy of backcountry flying for future generations of pilots.


Departments Image _Tips for Lapsed Pilots_330x260

Tips for Lapsed Pilots

A few things rusty pilots need to know as they get back into flying

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How Pilot Dick Swanson Enhanced Aerobatic Performance

Hartzell’s Trailblazer prop is a game changer for the Super Decathlon

Departments Image_Preflight Errors to Avoid _330x260

Preflight Errors to Avoid

Watch out for these commonly overlooked items during your next preflight

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7 Famous Firsts in Aviation History

From the first powered balloon flight to the first aircraft to break the sound-barrier, here’s a closer look at some of the most famous firsts in aviation history

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Preventing Loss of Control Accidents

Accidents caused by loss of control may happen in any stage of flight, but in some instances these accidents are preventable

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Great Reasons to Use Flight Simulation

Take advantage of a safe and affordable way to build flying skills

Departments Image_Choosing a Prop for Your Project Plane_330x260

Choosing a Prop for Your Project Plane

Three factors for homebuilders to consider

Departments Image_Blazing Trails in the Backcountry _330x260

Blazing Trails in the Backcountry

Get to know Northwest Backcountry Aircraft

Departments Image_Are More Propeller Blades Better_330x260

Are More Propeller Blades Better?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors

Departments Image_How to Be a Great Flying Companion_330x260

How to Be a Great Flying Companion

Take a more proactive role in helping the pilot manage flight duties and promote safety

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Aviation Propellers, Inc.

Learn what it takes to become one of Hartzell’s Recommended Service Facilities (RSF)

Departments Image_Pratt & Whitney Canada and the PT6 Engine _330x260

Pratt & Whitney Canada and the PT6 Engine

Making flying safer, more reliable, and more efficient for more than 50 years

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