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Hartzell propellers are built on honor to match your specific airplane, providing you with the greatest possible efficiency and safety. In many instances, you can buy a Hartzell propeller directly from your kit manufacturer. Many kit manufacturers have already successfully tested a particular engine and propeller combination, which they recommend to their builders. All propellers are also available for purchase direct from our factory. We always have a team of propeller experts available to answer any question. Just drop us a line at the bottom of the page or give us a call.  For more assistance, see our list of Kitplane FAQs.

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Glasair Aviation

Fly how you want, where you want. Hartzell’s propellers for Glasair aircraft allow you to focus on short-field performance, cruise speed, or float operations.

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Hartzell propellers deliver proven performance for Lancair kit aircraft, with options to meet every mission requirement.

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Our mission-optimized Hartzell propellers for Bearhawk kitplanes are designed to delight backcountry and cross-country pilots alike.

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Team Rocket

Hartzell’s aircraft propellers for Team Rocket kitplanes were specially developed to boost performance and satisfy the need for speed.

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Classic Sport Aircraft

Our standard Hartzell propeller design for the Thorp S/T-18 kitplane is backed by many years and hours of proven reliability.

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DJ Harmon

Featuring a special airfoil twist, Hartzell’s propeller for the Harmon Rocket enhances cruise performance and adds irresistible ramp appeal.

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Express Aircraft

Our blended-airfoil Hartzell propeller delivers optimum cruise and climb performance for the S-2000FT Express kitplane.

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Murphy Aircraft

Embrace backcountry adventure with Hartzell’s propellers for Murphy Aircraft kitplanes, featuring wide-cord airfoils designed to optimize low-end thrust.

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Mustang Aeronautics

Our Hartzell propellers pair with Mustang Aeronautics kit aircraft to enhance both sport and cross-country performance. Saddle up!

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Hartzell propellers for Seawind kitplanes are designed to improve low-end thrust and amplify the thrill of water flying. Ready to get your feet wet?

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Sequoia Aircraft

Fit your Falco kitplane with a Hartzell propeller, designed for optimal performance and reliability.

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When cruise speed is the goal, Hartzell’s propellers for Swearingen kitplanes deliver the performance pilots swear by.

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