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Van’s Aircraft

High-Performance Propellers for Van’s RV-Series

Building a Van’s RV kitplane is nearly as fun as flying one — and Hartzell’s propellers are designed to take Total Performance to new heights. As the leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft propellers, Hartzell Propeller is proud to support the leading designer and manufacturer of kit aircraft with advanced propellers for Van’s RV series of aircraft. Our certified, constant-speed propellers for Van’s kitplanes are compatible with a wide range of aircraft engines and were specially designed to maximize performance for the popular RV series. Get ready to experience the “RV grin” like never before!


Choosing the right propeller for your Van’s Aircraft kitplane can make all the difference in enhancing the overall performance, efficiency, and ramp appeal of your RV aircraft. Hartzell Propeller offers both aluminum and composite propeller options for the RV series, always Built on Honor with reliability and safety in mind. Let us help you find the best RV kitplane propeller to fit your flying mission, needs, and goals.

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