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About Us

The global leader in advanced aircraft propeller design and manufacturing technology

Hartzell Propeller Inc. is the global leader in advanced aircraft propeller design and manufacturing technology. Because of our concentration and commitment to propeller driven aviation, we are the supplier of choice for nearly every major aircraft manufacturer.

The company traces its history to 1914 when a relationship between Orville Wright and Robert Hartzell led to the manufacture of the first Hartzell airplane propeller in 1917. The company’s founding principle of “Built on Honor” has been central to our corporate values from the very beginning.

Today, Hartzell aircraft propellers are produced using an innovative blend of sophisticated engineering analytics, certification skills and world class manufacturing technologies. We design for safety, performance and reliability. After more than nine decades of experience, we have unmatched engineering expertise and we offer a wide range of products that utilize both aerospace grade alloys and advanced structural composites.

We enjoy exclusive relationships with dozens of manufacturers in the United States and around the world. Hartzell aircraft and airplane propellers are designed for use on virtually all of today’s power plants. Our current product line includes 2- through 6-bladed propellers for general aviation through turboprop class aircraft, with engine ratings that range from 80 to 2,180 hp. We have expanded our product line to include propeller systems for hovercraft and wing-in-ground effect (WIG) craft. In addition to aircraft and airplane propellers, Hartzell also offers its own line of aircraft propeller controls (governors), spinners and de-ice systems.

Hartzell Propeller is a subsidiary of Arcline Investment Management, a growth-oriented private equity firm focused on Critical Suppliers to Critical Industries. Arcline is also the parent company of Hartzell Engine Technologies. With investments in niche, technology driven businesses in high value industries, Arcline is dedicated to building meaningful businesses that enable a better future.

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