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Hartzell Propeller’s philosophy is to aspire to be the best at what we do and to maintain our market-leading position. Hartzell is driven to meet the needs of its customers by working to continuously improve every aspect of our business in ways that matter to customers. Our business relies upon the following values:

  • Highest Quality Processes – We value business and manufacturing processes that satisfy the most demanding customer requirements.
  • Teamwork – We value being a cohesive and cooperative team that takes pride and satisfaction from the work we do together.
  • Commitment – We value doing what it takes to get the job done right, whatever it takes.
  • Respect – We value one another for our unique talents and abilities.
  • Empowerment Balanced With Accountability – We value taking responsibility for the success of Hartzell and our customers. We expect our work to stand up to tough standards.
  • Training & Education – We value continuing education and training so that our combined talent is always growing.
  • Informed Workforce – We value a workforce that understands our opportunities and challenges. Informed people are engaged and do a better job.
  • Community Involvement – We value the community strengths that produced our business. We therefore actively pursue opportunities to improve the quality of life in our area.
  • Fairness – We value an environment where our business dealings and treatment of each other are honest and balanced.
  • Belonging to the Hartzell Family – We value a workplace that creates a sense of connection between coworkers, takes joy in the fact that families and friends work together, and honors our proud heritage.
Hartzell Propeller