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What propeller is best for my homebuilt aircraft?

If you are building one of the popular kit aircraft, you may be able to buy a new Hartzell propeller directly from the kit manufacturer. In many cases they have tested a particular engine and propeller combination that they recommend for their builders. Propeller Selection Brochure

What if I’m building a less-common design?

For aircraft that use certified aircraft engines (i.e. Lycoming or Continental) the best approach is to copy the “firewall forward” off of a certified aircraft. Using an approved engine/propeller/governor combination from a factory built aircraft takes much of the “guesswork” out of your powerplant installation. Propeller Selection Brochure

What if I’m using a converted automobile engine?

We do not endorse the use of Hartzell propellers on converted automobile engines unless vibration testing has been performed.

How do I find approved engine/propeller combinations?

In addition to referring to a certified aircraft combination, propeller Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS) often list these combinations under Note 9 of the TCDS. The TCDS information is available from aircraft mechanics and the FAA via the internet at

What governor should I use?

The best way to select a governor model is from a certified installation. Compatible governors are also listed on the propeller TCDS.

Manual 193 Vol 01 – Propeller/Engine Compatibility

What spinner should I use?

There are a wide variety of spinners available from Hartzell, the aircraft manufacturers and other aircraft supply companies.  If a spinner is not included with your aircraft kit, it is best to obtain a spinner that fits your propeller and build or adapt the cowling to fit the selected spinner.

Manual 193 Vol 01 – Propeller/Engine Compatibility

Where can I find out about placards for my propeller?

Any RPM or manifold pressure restrictions for a particular propeller/engine combination are listed on the propeller TCDS under Note 9.

Does Hartzell sell used propellers?

Generally no, but we do sometimes have a limited number of used props available.

Does Hartzell make electrically controllable propellers?

No, all of our propellers are hydraulically controlled.

I’d like to use a composite propeller. What do you have available?

Hartzell has developed a number of composite blades designed for specific aircraft applications such as aerobatic, regional airline, corporate and experimental. We are routinely introducing new designs and suggest that you contact Hartzell for information on your specific application.

What about a prop for my pusher design?

Hartzell has a few blades available for pusher applications, however, these applications require a vibration survey making one-off applications cost prohibitive.

Why doesn’t Hartzell offer a propeller for my kit aircraft?

Hartzell has developed suitable propellers for most popular kit planes. If there isn’t a Hartzell propeller for your application, ask your kit manufacturer to contact Hartzell about the possibility of offering a propeller for their kit.

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