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Tanis Aircraft Preheat Products

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Tanis Aircraft Products is the leading manufacturer of aircraft engine preheat systems for piston engine aircraft, turbine engine aircraft, and rotorcraft (helicopters).

As part of Hartzell Propeller, all Tanis products are Built On Honor with a commitment to the highest levels of quality, performance, and support.

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The Multi-Point Preheating Difference

Only a preheat system from Tanis will thoroughly heat-soak your aircraft engine, not only heating your engine in a much shorter time but also protecting it from wear and tear during start-ups.

Get to the Good Part

Preheating your aircraft engine is essential in cold weather operations, and a Tanis aircraft engine preheat system can be used anytime in temperatures under 100F/38C to reduce run-up times and starting wear. Spend less time warming up your aircraft and more time flying it!

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