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At Hartzell Propeller, aviation innovation is in our DNA. As the global leader in advanced propeller design, certification, and manufacturing technology, we have redefined performance, safety, and reliability since the dawn of flight. Now, as we usher in a new generation of electric, hybrid-electric, and alternative propulsion aircraft , Hartzell Propeller is proud to continue advancing the future of flight and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


Hartzell Propeller is uniquely qualified to assist in the creation of custom solutions for next-generation propulsion systems. Our talented team of mechanical, aerodynamic, and structural engineers has decades of experience in the aerospace industry. Using an innovative blend of sophisticated certification skills, engineering analytics, and world-class manufacturing technologies, we produce a wide range of products that utilize both aerospace-grade aluminum alloys and lightweight, advanced structural composites. Hartzell is working closely with several OEM’s to fine-tune their propeller applications, and after significant investments, the development of a shank-less system to reduce propeller weight is set to debut in the next year. Hartzell has dedicated tens of thousands of engineering hours to electric and hybrid aircraft since 2019, and continues to make advancements in tooling, manufacturing processes, and materials.

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Partnering with Hartzell means you’ll have certification experts on your side. As the most trusted name in propellers, and holding an Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) from the FAA, we’ve certified hundreds of propeller designs, so we know what to expect. We pride ourselves on working closely with our partners through the entire process, from conception, design, and development to testing, certification, and beyond.

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Our Latest Electric/Hybrid Aviation News


White Paper: Propelling the Future of Electric and Advanced Air Mobility Aircraft

In Hartzell's latest white paper, we offer insight into the opportunities and obstacles faced by the electric aircraft and AAM market, and share how Hartzell Propeller is poised to help propel the future of flight.

Going Electric: What are the Potential Benefits of Electric Aircraft?

The electric aviation movement is gaining traction quickly, especially as the industry faces mounting pressure to reduce harmful emissions. But beyond the obvious environmental benefits, there are other compelling advantages to advancing electric aviation.
Alice Testing 7 (2)

Electric Aviation and the Future of Flight

A new era of electric flight is on the horizon with the all-electric Eviation Alice, featuring customized Hartzell propellers.

Meet Mitch

Leading the Charge in AAM

As Director of Sales & Marketing Strategy, Mitch Heaton furthers Hartzell Propeller’s strategy and initiatives involving Advanced/Urban Air Mobility, eVTOL/eSTOLs, and electric/hybrid/hydrogen-powered aircraft. His background includes leading strategy and business development across multiple industries, with aviation and aerospace often as a focus. Leveraging his experience in the design of connection systems for aircraft, growing unmanned aerial ecosystems, and collaborating with leaders of global aerospace and defense companies and organizations, Mitch specializes in advancing the future of air travel and aircraft through innovation and technology.

A graduate of the Raj Soin College of Business at Wright State University, Mitch is actively involved in several global aviation and local community organizations, including the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association Electric Propulsion Innovation Committee, the National Business Aviation Association’s Emerging Technologies Committee, the Dayton Region Manufacturer’s Association, and the Ohio Economic Development Association.

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We know what it takes to turn ambitious ideas into reality—we’ve been doing it for over 100 years. Our propeller technology is behind some of the world’s most revolutionary aircraft designs, from the historic Rutan Voyager to today’s Eviation Alice and the groundbreaking all-electric eBeaver floatplane. And we’ve already provided test hardware on some of the those most promising AAM projects across the globe. Whether you’re working on an all-electric airplane, a hybrid-electric retrofit, or an eVTOL urban air mobility design, we’re excited to hear about your project.

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