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Whether this is your first build or your fifth, Hartzell provides experimental propellers that are just right for your aircraft. From the backcountry to winning with top speed at Reno, we strive to make your airplane perform at its best with our wide range of aluminum and carbon fiber composite propeller options. We design, test and manufacture our propellers for experimental aircraft to meet the same rigorous standards used for FAA-certified installations with the goal of providing second to none performance, quality, and reliability.

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Backcountry Landing_Thumbnail_Explorer

The Explorer

If cruise speed is the mission, Hartzell Propeller’s Explorer prop is the proven choice for cross country flying. The Explorer is a 3-blade propeller configured with a lightweight Raptor series hub and carbon fiber composite blades. The Explorer is available for kitplanes that are powered by select 320, 360, and 390 series engines.

Pathfinder XCub

The Pathfinder

Hartzell’s Pathfinder prop has been designed for those seeking the thrill of backcountry flying. Its mission is short take-off and landing (STOL) operations for those pilots who need to get in and out of remote locations. The Pathfinder, also a 3-blade propeller configured with a lightweight Raptor series hub and carbon fiber composite blades, can be utilized on select 360 and 390 series engines.

Trailblazer Glasair Sportsman

The Trailblazer

Hartzell’s Trailblazer prop has been propelling pilots in and out of the backcountry for nearly a decade, while also getting float operators off of the step in no time. Utilizing a standard compact series hub and carbon fiber composite blades, the Trailblazer is available in both two and three blade configurations. The Trailblazer is powered by select 360, 390, 540, 580 series engines.

Blended Airfoil Vans

Blended Airfoil

Hartzell’s widely popular Blended Airfoil prop can be found on a variety of kitplanes for pilots who want to arrive at their destinations in the shortest amount of time. The Blended Airfoil prop was optimized for cruise speed with cross country flying in mind. The Blended Airfoil is a 2-blade propeller configured with a compact series hub and aluminum swept tip blades. The Blended Airfoil prop can be found on kitplanes with select 360 and 390 series engines.




In 1917, George Hartzell and his son Robert, following the advice of their close friend Orville Wright, began manufacturing walnut fixed pitch propellers in Piqua, Ohio. Now, over 100 years later, that same spirit of inventiveness propels us to collaborate with the passionate kitplane community. Hartzell has played a crucial role in the development of constant speed propellers and structural composite blades for a wide range of kitplanes. Whether it’s reciprocating, turbine, or electric-powered aircraft, we continue to evolve our product line with high-performance, reliable propellers to support the experimental and homebuilt aircraft market.

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