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Hartzell propellers have powered thousands of aircraft through the years, and we’re the prop of choice for thousands of pilots. We always appreciate hearing kind words from satisfied customers.

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Jim Hirsch

Air Tractor

"Hartzell Propeller is and has been a great supplier of the most efficient propellers for our planes. They have provided excellent customer support for our mutual customers over the years. We look forward to a continued long-term relationship with the people of Hartzell."


Dick VanGrunsven

Van's Aircraft

"No propeller we've tried has given us better performance or reliability than the Hartzell. They give us the ability to get the best our of our airplanes."


Nicolas Chabbert

Senior Vice President
DAHER-SOCATA Airplane Division

"Hartzell Propeller is surely part of the success story of our Very Fast Turboprop aircraft TBM700/850 program since its launch in 1990 with more than 650 aircraft produced."


Payne Hughes

Thrush Aircraft

"Hartzell really understands the unique needs of aviation industry while providing consistent high quality product with exceptional performance. Thrush can always trust them to provide timely deliveries while providing the first class service to support our customers’ needs. With Hartzell as our partner, we have the confidence to continue growing our business."


Michael Goulian

Aerobatic Pilot
Goulian Aerosports

"My Hartzell propeller is simply bulletproof. There are few aviators who rely on their prop more than me, and with a Hartzell, I have the ultimate confidence that it will never let me down. The fact is that the Hartzell Propeller gives me the ultimate in performance and reliability."


Matt Chapman

Aerobatic Performer
Matt Chapman Airshows

"I depend on my Hartzell propeller to help me do the job…without fail. I have been running the Hartzell propeller for over 14 years. I have never been let down by this prop…in any way! It has been reliable and maintenance free for all 14 years, other than a fresh coat of paint! The performance I get from the Hartzell propeller is truly second to none. Couple this with its 100% reliability over the past 14 years, and you have a winning combination. My sponsor depends on me to be at the shows on time and ready to perform…without my Hartzell propeller mounted up front, I don’t think I could deliver with such confidence and reliability. With so many aspects in the airshow business to worry about…its nice to know that my Hartzell propeller isn’t one of them…its always been ready...and has never let me down. I take great pride in flying American made. I have met and worked with the people of Hartzell Propellers…each and every person there takes the same pride in the design, manufacturing and support of their props as I do flying behind it. As the lead pilot of “The 4ce” formation aerobatic team, I need to have 100% trust not only in my teammates, but in my Hartzell prop to run smooth and reliably…with only a couple feet of separation between our planes, there is no room for “second best.”


Richard Rayward

Air Safaris

"The Hartzell 3-bladed scimitar prop has really enhanced the GA8 Airvans, in our experience providing smooth and improved climb performance with a significantly improved noise footprint. Most recently, we have appreciated the prompt and effective support of Hartzell when an unexpected hitch on prop overhaul had our C208B grounded at a peak time. Rapid delivery of a new replacement propeller was exemplary and lead to our company exploring 4- and 3-blade Hartzell propeller options for reduced noise emission important in our operation."


Joseph Megna Sr.

Jet Air Group

"Jet Air has been using the Hartzell Propeller Service Center for over 5 years and to date we have not had a warranty or workmanship issue. Keeping the propellers turning is what the customer expects along with the feeling of safety and trust. The overhaul turn time is continuing to be reduced without jeopardizing the quality of the product. The personnel in Piqua, Ohio go above and beyond to get propellers back into our hands so we get our customers back flying. With any component that we install on our customer’s aircraft, the quality of the product must be to the highest standard. “Failure is not an option.” Hartzell Propeller Service Center gives us that quality. When the propeller overhauls are due, we recommend the Hartzell Propeller Service Center to our customers."


Mick Waltz

Service Manager
Stevens Aviation Inc.

"Stevens Aviation uses the Hartzell Propeller Service Center for our propeller overhauls because of the turn time, price, experience and the ease of doing business. Quality is still your best buy."


Don Burris

Director of Maintenance
Muncie Aviation Company

"Muncie Aviation Company strives to set the highest standards in the maintenance industry by providing the best service possible with the least down time for our customers. That’s why Muncie Aviation Company trusts the Hartzell Propeller Service Center for all of our propeller needs. Their customer service, quality of work, and quick turn times sets the highest standards in propeller services."


Simon Caldecott

President & CEO
Piper Aircraft

"The excellent design, manufacturing and support team at Hartzell Propeller is indisputably an integral part of Piper’s legacy and of our current-day success. We and our customers count on Hartzell’s propellers and they don’t let us down.”

Hartzell Propeller