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As the primary distribution center of our products, Hartzell Propeller is committed to provide a high level of service and to minimize your down time. In order to meet this goal, Hartzell has made significant investments in resources. These resources include the formation of the Aftermarket Parts group and a commitment to carry a significant amount of inventory that is further supplemented by a network of Hartzell authorized independent distributors.

Aftermarket Parts is responsible for managing all aspects of aftermarket sales of Hartzell products. In this role, the group works closely with propeller repair stations, fixed base operators and other service facilities to help them better service the end users of our aftermarket products. In addition to working with these facilities, the group is happy to assist with direct sales to end users. Facilitating the sale of everything from O-rings to complete propeller assemblies and providing same day shipment of in stock items for orders received by 2:30 PM Eastern Time; Aftermarket Parts is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, order accuracy and on-time delivery.

2024 Pricing is now in effect and can be accessed through your Subscription Log In under Single Acting Propeller Systems, or you may email for a quote.

Please contact us or one of our authorized independent distributors for all of your Hartzell part needs.

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