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Michael Goulian, of Goulian Aerosports, doesn’t just fly an air show; he attacks it. Millions of airshow spectators around the globe have witnessed the ferocity of a Mike Goulian air show performance. Every roll, pull, and tumble of his flight is a deliberate execution of precision. With his aggressive approach to the air show arena, Mike Goulian has mastered the ability to convey his message of passion through flight.

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RedLine Airshows is a dynamic 2-ship formation aerobatic performance team. The opposing, inverted and formation maneuvers are a tremendous crowd pleaser. Piolts Ken Rieder and Shaun Roessner make up the flying formation duo. An exciting formation aerobatic flight team that thrills crowds with a display of skill, nerve, and showmanship.



Sean D Tucker has been flying airshows worldwide since the mid-70s and has won numerous aerobatic competitions. In that time, he has flown more than 1,200 performances at more than 475 airshows in front of more than 105 million fans. Named as one of the Living Legends of Flight, Sean is a member of an elite group of aviators and astronauts that includes General Jimmy Doolittle, General “Chuck” Yeager and John Glenn.



Screamin’ Sasquatch is a 1929 barnstormer’s era Taperwing Waco powered by a huge Pratt & Whitney 985 Wasp Junior nine-cylinder radial engine and a GE CJ610 turbojet engine for added thrust. As the propeller partner, Hartzell will provide its standard three-blade metal propeller mated to the radial engine and technical support throughout the 2014 air show season



Matt Chapman is recognized as an extraordinary aerobatic pilot who thrills millions of airshow fans each summer. He began flying aerobatics in 1984 and quickly worked his way up to the highest level of competition aerobatics – the Unlimited category. Recognized for his skills, he won one of only five slots on the U.S. Unlimited Men’s Aerobatic Team in 1996 and 1998. Matt’s exciting competition aerobatics led him to airshow performing. Matt has flown in front of millions of fans at airshows all over. He has appeared on ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports Network, Real TV, The Learning Channel’s “Amazing America” and SpeedVision.

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