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Through our Top Prop conversion program, Hartzell Propeller is providing a way for pilots to improve the performance of their aircraft significantly. You will experience enhanced performance from one or more of these benefits: shorter take-off distance, lower noise levels, better ground clearance, reduced tip erosion, increased climb rate, increased cruise speed, and smoother operation. It’s what you can expect from the market leader. Click to look at the full Hartzell Top Prop Performance Conversions Catalog

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STC Compatibility: Is your STC compatible with another STC?
Warranty: The Hartzell warranty is one of the best in the business.
Foreign Approvals: Hartzell is officially recognized by aviation authorities all over the world.
STC ICA / Maintenance Data:  Hartzell maintains a library of  ICA/maintenance data for your STC’d propeller.
STC Installation Data:  Hartzell maintains installation data for STC kits.
Performance Changes: How will your new Hartzell prop affect performance?
What Else is in the Kit: See what else is included with your propeller and spinner.

Hartzell Propeller