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Antonov Selects Hartzell Five-Bladed Propellers For AN-38

Date: July 18, 1994 Category: Press Releases
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PIQUA, Ohio — July 18, 1994 — Hartzell five-bladed propellers will form part of the American contribution to the Antonov AN-38 multi-role transport. 1,500 HP Garrett TPE-331-14GR engines complete the powerplant sections of the new Ukrainian aircraft.

Functioning in conjunction with a high-wing, split tail design, the 2.85 m (9.3 ft.) propellers contribute to the aircraft’s short field performance. The five-blade design maximizes acceleration and climb while providing faster response to pilot prop control inputs.

Hartzell’s five-blade design is already a proven performer functioning in a similar role on turboprop Shorts 330s and 360s, converted Douglas DC-3s, as well as numerous other aircraft.

An important requirement for the propeller was the ability to be operated cost-effectively in the remote and often harsh conditions of the Chinese, African and South American markets where the aircraft will be marketed. In this regard, the Hartzell five-blade design was chosen because of its proven service history and because Hartzell offers in-depth after market support.

The company currently supports an installed base of more than 250,000 propeller systems with one of the industry’s largest product support networks … 33 after market distributors and 44 repair stations located in 12 countries.

The aircraft was designed by the Antonov Aviation Scientific Technical Complex in Kiev, Ukraine, and is being built by the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association (NAPA), Novosibirsk, Russia. As a passenger transport, the AN-38 can accommodate up to 27 people. Its rear cargo ramp allows containers, pallets and other freight to be loaded for cargo flights. Engineers also foresee the aircraft’s use in special missions, including troop transport, reconnaissance and aerial photography.

Hartzell Propeller Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of propeller systems, enjoying an 85 percent market share on corporate turboprops and a 60 percent share on turboprop airliners. The 77-year-old company is also well-known for its design leadership having introduced the industry’s first full-feathering propellers for light twins, the first fully-reversing propellers for corporate turboprops, and the industry’s first composite structure blades.

Utility/Cargo Aircraft with Hartzell Propellers:

Basler Douglas Turbo DC-3
Cessna Caravan
Beech 18
Dornier 228
GAF Nomad
Piaggio P.166
Harbin Y12
Casa 212
Conair Grumman Turbo S2
Pilatus PC6 Turbo Porter
Pilatus Britten-Norman BN-2 Turbine Islander
Pilatus Britten-Norman Trislander
Dornier 27
deHavilland Twin Otter
Siai Marchetti SF600TP
Shorts Skyvan
IAI Arava
PZL Wilga

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