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As AUVSI Closes, Dayton is Epicenter for UAV Development

Date: May 15, 2014 Category: Blog
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As the Hartzell Team returns from AUVSI 2014, the year’s premier conference on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), we want to put the spotlight on the Dayton region’s strides in developing technology for this sector. Although Dayton was recently passed over in its bid to become an official FAA test area, the region’s high concentration of aviation expertise ensures it will be a power player in UAV development far into the future.

In addition to Hartzell, which develops Bantam props for a number of UAV applications, Dayton is creating world-class sensors, software and control systems for the next generation of unmanned flight.

As Larrell Walters, head of the sensor systems department at the University of Dayton Research Institute told the Dayton Business Journal:

“In a lot of respects, we are the Silicon Valley of aerospace applications… We have a very high concentration of expertise, strong schools and universities, and an experienced workforce in aerospace applications, electronics, systems, sensors, propulsion and flight dynamics. We’re one of the strongest places in the nation that offers that.”

Hartzell is proud to lend our expertise and technical prowess to this emerging field. Check back (or follow us on Twitter) for more news about developments in the UAV sector.

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