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Aviation Program to Upgrade Fleet with RedHawk Aircraft – Leading Edge, Vol. 1

Date: April 21, 2015 Category: Blog
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AUSTIN – RedHawk Aero, a subsidiary of Redbird Flight Simulations, announced that Cochise College has ordered six RedHawk aircraft in a move to upgrade and modernize its training fleet. Students enrolled in the upcoming fall semester will utilize the new RedHawk aircraft while training for Private Pilot, Instrument and Commercial Pilot Certification in Cochise College’s professional pilot program.

“The selection of RedHawk aircraft for our training fleet offers us flexibility and cost savings,” said Belinda Burnett, Director of Aviation Programs and Chief Flight Instructor for Cochise College. “With a field elevation of more than 4,000 feet, performance is vital to us. In our test flights, the RedHawk demonstrated improved climb performance to our existing fleet while burning less than 5 gallons per hour.”

Redbird began development on the RedHawk project in 2012 with a goal of creating a standardized training aircraft that is affordable, operationally economical and technologically advanced. The result is a remanufactured Cessna 172, equipped with a Jet-A burning, FADEC managed, Continental engine and advanced avionics.

“The combination of the Continental CD-135 twin-turbo diesel engine, and a new three-bladed, composite Hartzell propeller offers outstanding performance at a fraction of the hourly cost of a traditional Cessna 172,” explained RedHawk VP of Operations Darren Bien.

“The addition of state-of-the-art Garmin avionics offers student pilots hands-on experience with modern glass-panel systems without sacrificing the training benefits inherent with traditional steam gauges, making the RedHawk the perfect training airplane,” continued Bien.

Cochise College’s new airplanes will join a fleet of six other RedHawks currently operating in training programs around the country.

About RedHawk Aero, LLC

A subsidiary of Redbird Flight Simulations, RedHawk Aero has set out to create the first aircraft designed specifically for flight training. RedHawk’s mission is to design, build, and test a high-quality flight training aircraft that uses best of breed technologies and innovative partnerships to maximize long-term affordability and operating efficiency. For more information, visit www.redbirdflightsimulations. com.

About Cochise College Aviation

The Cochise College aviation program is well-respected and widely recognized throughout the industry. In more than 40 years of aviation training, it has placed graduates with all the major commercial airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Customs, air freight services and corporate aviation companies. Aviation programs are certified by the FAA and the FCC. In addition, the Cochise College offers a wide variety of associate degrees and transfer programs, as well as technical and vocational training. For more information about aviation training at Cochise College, visit, email aviation@cochise. edu or call (520) 417-4114.

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