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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Prop in 2024

Date: March 4, 2024 Category: Blog Tags: , , , , , , , , ,
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When it comes to aircraft modifications, a propeller conversion is one of the smartest investments you can make in the overall performance, safety, and value of your aircraft. 

Hartzell Propeller’s Top Prop STC propeller conversion program was created with this in mind, allowing owners and operators to upgrade their current aircraft with our latest propeller designs featuring scimitar propeller blades, blended airfoils, and dependable carbon fiber composite materials for Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Pilatus, Daher TBM, and many other aircraft. 

If you’re curious about a propeller conversion, consider these reasons to upgrade: 

#1: Optimize Performance

One of the most compelling reasons to upgrade your propeller is to squeeze even more performance out of the airplane you already know and love. Hartzell’s Top Prop propeller conversions provide noticeable benefits in one or more areas, such as: 

  • Shorter take-off distance
  • Better ground clearance
  • Reduced tip erosion
  • Increased climb rate
  • Increased cruise speed

If you’re ready to elevate your flying experience, a propeller upgrade is a great place to start. After a Top Prop propeller conversion, we’ve had customers tell us it feels like they’re flying an entirely new airplane! 

Kodiak 5-blade at NC Forest Service Aviation Division

#2: Reduce Noise and Vibration

Hartzell’s aerodynamic aircraft propellers are designed for smoother operations and, in many cases, help to reduce noise and vibration. In particular, our carbon fiber composite propellers can enable a higher blade count than aluminum-blade propellers due to the lower weight and corresponding lower moment of inertia. 

In most installations, increasing the blade count results in quieter operation due to a reduction in the tip speed and vibration. Reducing excessive aircraft noise is important for the entire General Aviation community, especially when flying in residential areas or off-airport backcountry environments. 

#3: Replace a Legacy Prop with a New Design

If your current prop is nearing its operational life limit, it can be a prime opportunity to consider a propeller upgrade. When comparing the costs, you may find there isn’t a major difference between overhauling a legacy prop and switching to a next-generation design. 

Mike Todd Voyager aircraft for Cessna Skywagon

Beyond the performance benefits, investing in a new and upgraded propeller will enhance ramp appeal and add to the overall value of your aircraft. 

Additionally, Hartzell offers an extended warranty on Top Prop conversion propellers — all the way through the first overhaul. This industry-leading warranty helps to reduce flying costs and encourages safety through recommended periodic maintenance.

Take the Next Step: Upgrade Your Aircraft Propeller! 

Do one (or more) of these reasons apply to you? If so, don’t wait — make 2024 the year to upgrade your prop! 

Hartzell Propeller’s Top Prop conversion program offers purpose-designed aluminum and carbon fiber composite propellers for specific aircraft, including Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Pilatus, Daher TBM, and many others. We have propeller designs to optimize a wide range of flying missions, whether you’re a cross-country cruiser, a backcountry adventurer, or an aerobatic aviator. 
Talk to our team today to learn more, and let us find the propeller best suited for your aircraft and flying goals. We’d love to hear from you!

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