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German Aviation Authorities Certify Hartzell Conquest II Propeller Conversion

PIQUA, Ohio — May 2, 1994 — Hartzell announced today that it received German certification of its Top Prop™ four-blade propeller conversion for the Cessna Conquest II at the end of last year. Official approval of the new propeller system coincided with deliveries to numerous Conquest II operators based in Germany. The Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) is […]

AlliedSignal Engines (formerly Garrett) Officially Accepts Hartzell Four-Bladed Propeller Conversion For Cessna 441 Conquest II

PIQUA, Ohio — April 28, 1994 — Hartzell announced today that AlliedSignal Engines is issuing a service bulletin which allows for reconfiguration of TPE331-8 and -10N engines required to accommodate Hartzell four-bladed propeller conversions on Cessna Conquest II aircraft. The conversion, including modification of the engine, was approved by the FAA prior to the issuance […]

Hartzell Service Center One Of First US Repair Stations To Receive Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) Certification

PIQUA, Ohio — March 2, 1994 — The Hartzell Service Center announced today that it received Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) certification from officials in the Netherlands at the end of 1993. (Registration # SJ3R843L) As such, the Hartzell Service Center is an approved “… source for maintenance of European operated aircraft and /or components in […]

Hartzell Three-Bladed Pusher Props Selected By Angel 44 Design Team

PIQUA, Ohio — February 11, 1994 — Hartzell three-blade constant speed pusher propellers are significant aspects of the new Angel 44, an aircraft that was originally conceived for Christian missionary work. Hartzell’s long-term experience with pusher aircraft was one of the deciding factors. Hartzell props currently drive the vast majority of pusher configured aircraft including […]

First Use Of Hartzell Scimitar Propellers To Be On Utility Cessnas With Bonaire IO-550 Engine Conversions

PIQUA, Ohio — February 3, 1994 — Hartzell has been selected to supply its new three-blade scimitar propeller for a full-range of converted Cessna utility aircraft including the 185, 188, 206, 207 and 210. The propeller conversion is made in conjunction with an engine upgrade to the IO-550 from original IO-520s. Hartzell’s new scimitar blade […]

Hartzell’s Highly Twisted Three-Bladed Propeller Chosen For Piper’s Improved Saratoga

PIQUA, Ohio (November 29, 1993) — Hartzell has been selected to provide an improved propeller system for the first new aircraft introduced by Piper since the company’s reorganization. The system consists of aluminum blades and hub with a redesigned airfoil to optimize cruise performance and efficiency. The blades are highly twisted from root to tip […]

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