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If you are an aircraft modifier seeking a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for major modification or repair to an existing type certified aircraft you can rely on Hartzell to provide the quality products you need to meet these requirements.

Modifying a certified aircraft takes a particular type of skill – and successful modification relies on the use of trusted, certified components to maintain that aircraft’s integrity. The certification process our products go through is your assurance that the propeller has been adequately engineered to resist failure. If there is any question whether an STC is compatible with your modified airplane, consult your local FAA Flight Standards office. They are the final authority.

At Hartzell, we provide aircraft modifiers with certified products of the highest quality. Basic approval confirms that the propeller meets certain strength and durability criteria provided in Part 35 of the Federal Regulations. In addition to the criteria provided in 14 CFR Part 35, special conditions may be assigned. For composite blades, bird strike and lightning strike tests are generally required before the propeller is certified.

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