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Cessna Cardinal Gets Hartzell’s New Extended Spinner

Date: May 25, 1995 Category: Press Releases
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PIQUA, Ohio — May 25, 1995 — Hartzell Propeller announced today that it will begin installing a new extended spinner for Cessna 177 Cardinals. The extension accommodates Hartzell’s popular Top Prop™ three-bladed, high performance propeller system on 177B and 177RG Cardinals. The spinner will more closely fair the propeller system with the Cardinal’s existing engine cowl, and will provide a “cleaner,” more aesthetic look to the installation.

The new spinner can be purchased separately or as part of the propeller conversion which is one of Hartzell’s most popular Top Prop™ kits. The three-bladed prop for the Cardinal is designed with a blade twist distribution that maximizes low speed thrust while maintaining or increasing cruise performance. The entire system is part of Hartzell’s growing family of proven, constant speed designs that feature a compact aluminum hub and aluminum blades.

Pricing for the new spinner is $500 in exchange for the existing spinners. Included as part of the Top Prop™ conversion kit for the Cardinal, the new spinner will not effect the current price of $6,795 which includes the three-bladed prop, the spinner, and the STC paperwork. Installation of the spinner or the prop can be accomplished by the Hartzell Factory Service Center in Piqua, Ohio, by your local Hartzell authorized repair station, or by any local FBO or prop shop.

Hartzell Propeller Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of propeller systems, enjoying an 85 percent market share on corporate turboprops and a 60 percent share on turboprop airliners. The 78-year-old company is also well-known for its design leadership, having introduced the industry’s first full-feathering propellers for light twins, the first fully-reversing propellers for corporate turboprops and the industry’s first composite structure blades.

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