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At Hartzell, we enjoy working with experimental aircraft owners, whether you are actively testing new technologies or hold your own “experimental” airworthiness certificate for a home built aircraft. We are also uniquely qualified to assist experimental aircraft owners in the creation of custom propellers for their flight. Our talented staff of mechanical, aerodynamic, and structural engineers have decades of experience in the aerospace community and will work closely with you to understand the requirements and performance objectives of your aircraft so we can design the best product for you.

Experimental aircraft owners and pilots often ask us why they should care about propeller certification for their aircraft. While your airworthiness certificate may say “experimental” the law of physics are still in effect, and that means you need a propeller that is well-crafted and reliable. Our propeller certification process ensures that your propeller can endure adequate strength, and also prevents fatigue problems. All manufacturers of certified propellers perform the work required to obtain certification. This process is your assurance that the propeller has been engineered to resist failure, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.


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