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First Piaggio Avanti Evo Delivered

Date: May 28, 2015 Category: Blog
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Piaggio Aero has a reputation for making beautiful aircraft for individuals who don’t want to choose between luxury and performance. With that in mind, the firm approached our engineers to help create the next generation of their celebrated Avanti II.

Piaggio wanted the Avanti Evo to be more powerful than its predecessor while also reducing cabin noise. Our team rose to the challenge and produced a pair of five-blade swept aluminum pusher props to fit the design that has made Avanti aircraft iconic. We announced the results of our partnership last year: the Evo was certified as the world’s fastest production turboprop, and the new props reduced cabin noise by 20%.

Introducing the new Piaggio Aero Avanti EVO from Piaggio Aero on Vimeo.

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