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Steve Thorne of Flight Chops installing Hartzell's Explorer Propeller

Flight Chops RV-14 Build Update: Installing the Hartzell Explorer Propeller

Date: May 6, 2021 Category: Blog Tags: , , , , , , ,
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Steve Thorne, the pilot and host behind the popular aviation YouTube channel “Flight Chops” is making significant progress in his journey to build and fly a Van’s RV-14 aircraft, which will become the official aircraft for future Flight Chops adventures.

Since starting the RV-14 project in 2019, Steve has documented all the major steps in the build process. The goal is to show aspiring homebuilders what it takes to build an aircraft and encourage them to take on their own projects.

In the latest airplane build video, Steve and the Flight Chops build team share the process of unboxing and installing the propeller on the RV-14. The Hartzell Propeller team was excited to work with Steve to select the right propeller for his mission and goals: our three-blade scimitar composite “Explorer” prop.

Box with Hartzell Explorer Propeller for RV-14  

The Explorer, which features Hartzell’s very lightweight Raptor™ series hub and advanced structural carbon fiber composite blades, was designed to offer smoother operation and optimize cross-country performance. Hartzell’s structural composite blades are also highly durable and certified for unlimited blade life, meaning they can be returned to factory dimensions over and over again.

Hartzell Explorer Propeller

Hartzell Explorer Propeller

“The Explorer ticked off all the boxes I was looking for—to have a solid prop for cross-country to go fast and far, but to also be able to do aerobatics and have fun with it,” said Steve.

During the video, Steve sits down with Kristin Bendickson from Hartzell’s sales team to address common questions homebuilders may have when selecting a propeller for their experimental aircraft, including the difference between aluminum and composite blades, as well as certified vs. experimental propellers.

Flight Chops RV-14 with Hartzell Explorer Propeller InstalledFlight Chops RV-14 with Hartzell Explorer Propeller Installed

Check out the latest video featuring the Hartzell Explorer propeller installation and subscribe to the Flight Chops channel to follow the rest of the RV-14 build story.

Choosing a Propeller for Homebuilt Aircraft

The Explorer is available for a number of experimental aircraft through Hartzell’s Top Prop Conversion program. Hartzell Propeller is also proud to offer a special discount on the Explorer and three other backcountry aircraft propellers for members of the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) through the end of 2022.

If you have any questions about choosing the right propeller for your experimental airplane, we’re always happy to help. Contact our team today!

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