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Flying Season is Here: Great Ways to Prepare

Date: May 24, 2017 Category: Blog Tags: , , , ,
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Spring is upon us, and that means it’s time to take to the skies! Before you hop into the cockpit, you want to be sure your plane is up to code and running smoothly. Review the items below to ensure a safe and happy flying season!

Check Your Maintenance Documents

As the years go on, it’s easy to lose track of your aircraft’s maintenance history. “Did I make that repair last year, or was it the year before?” Assuming you have all the necessary paperwork on-hand, this should be a quick and easy item to review that can help you stay in touch with your plane’s wear and tear and allow you to address any aging parts.

Standard Check-Ups

Before you take your plane out of hibernation, it’s always a good idea to check all its vitals. This means changing the oil, checking tire pressure, examining fuel lines, testing your battery and electrical components and inspecting any gauges for accuracy. Thorough check-ups can help maintain the life of your aircraft and can help prevent future safety hazards as you enter the spring season.

Damage Inspection

Depending on your climate, winter can have unforeseen effects on your plane. Be sure to check for cracks in your seals, gaskets, wings and landing gear that could have been caused by cold temperatures or ice. If you notice something, notify a professional before your first scheduled flight.

Have a wonderful spring and summer!

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