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We know that general aviation airframers rely on top quality products for their certified aircraft. As the market leader in certified aircraft propellers, spinners, governors, and synchophasers, we deliver superior products designed specifically for your needs.

We provide certified aircraft propellers through our Top Prop conversion program, giving pilots the ability to improve the performance of their aircraft significantly. Experience shorter take-off distance, lower noise levels, better ground clearance, reduced tip erosion, greater climb rate, better cruise speed, and smoother operation. Hartzell propellers are safe and dependable, proven through millions of flight hours.

Thousands of pilots have converted to Hartzell propellers, all of which include our Ironclad Plus Three™ warranty, giving you an industry-leading three years or 1,000 hours of total coverage. Also enjoy the longest TBO standards in the industry (2,400 hours/6 years). 

Browse our large selection of certified propellers, governors, and spinners now, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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