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Hartzell Aluminum and Composite Top Props Now Available for Various Mooney Models

Date: May 19, 2015 Category: Press Releases
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Piqua, Ohio, May 19, 2015 – Hartzell’s Top Prop program has acquired two propeller Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for late model Mooney aircraft, including the M20R Ovation, Ovation II, Ovation III, M20S Eagle, and M20TN Acclaim. Hartzell Propeller upgrade installation kits are available for all horsepower and horsepower upgrades, including 244 hp, 280 hp, and 310 hp.

“Increased performance benefits available through Hartzell Propeller’s Mooney Top Prop program include reduced weight, shorter take-off distance, increased climb rate, increased cruise speed, and smoother operation,” said Hartzell Propeller President Joe Brown.

Aluminum Upgrades

STC SA03024CH allows installation of the aluminum three-blade scimitar propeller developed especially for the Mooney Acclaim Type S. It is now available through Hartzell’s Top Prop program for M20R, S, and all versions of the Mooney TN.

The propeller offers lighter weight and a performance enhancement of as much as 5 KTAS in the Acclaim. It is available plain or with TKS ice protection. An anti-ice slinger kit can also be included for conversion from the two-blade propeller. Kit prices run from $12,700 to $15,300.

Structural Composite Upgrades

STC SA02482CH allows the installation of Hartzell’s N7605C-2 Advanced Structural Composite ASCII three-blade propeller, which has become a common sight at airports due to heavy usage on Cirrus SR22T, Piper Mirage and Matrix, Diamond DA40XLT and other top-of-the-line models. In addition to better performance than many of the earlier models, the lighter 64 lb. weight is a plus along with increased durability and repairability of the carbon fiber blades with impact resistant nickel-cobalt leading edges.

It is available plain or with TKS ice protection. An anti-ice slinger kit can also be included for conversion from the two-blade propeller. Pricing on the all carbon ASCII structural composite propellers for Mooney aircraft ranges from $22,900 to $25,000.

Mooney Lineage

Once again, Hartzell Propeller is delivering of the company’s three-blade, blended airfoil, scimitar props to Mooney’s manufacturing operation in Kerrville, Tex., for factory installation on its new production Ovation and Acclaim Type S aircraft models.

Through the years, about 10,000 Mooney airplanes have been equipped with Hartzell props. One of the launch platforms of the first Hartzell two-blade compact aluminum propellers in the early 1960s was the Mooney M20C. Through the decades, the M20 airframe was improved with the addition of metal wings, generations of avionics, fuselage stretches, increased gross weights and more horsepower.

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