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Hartzell Earns Place for its ASC-II Composite Propellers on Van’s RV Kit Planes

Date: February 28, 2009 Category: Press Releases
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Props, hubs up to 16 lb lighter than metal equivalents; fly-off restrictions eased for experimental category aircraft


Piqua, OH, Feb 28, 2009…Van’s Aircraft, the world’s leader in kitplane manufacture with more than 6,000 aircraft completed and flying, is now offering Hartzell Propeller’s new ASC-II “true-composite” constant speed propellers for application on its current line of offerings powered by Lycoming IO-320, IO-360 and IO-540 engines. Van’s RV-4, RV-6, RV-7 will accept Hartzell 2-blade props, while the RV-10 with the IO-540 power plant takes a 3-blade unit.

Hartzell’s true-composite blades comprise a proprietary layup of carbon fiber, Kevlar and metal, with stainless steel leading edges and de-icing systems, as specified. The props weigh between 12 and 16 lb less than metal blade equivalents.

Additionally, even though Van’s aircraft are licensed ‘experimental’, testing by Hartzell necessary for FAA certification allows the fly-off requirement to be reduced to 25 hours, from the 40 hours required for experimental propellers, and as long as the prop is mounted to a certified engine.

One benefit of lower blade weight is that the prop hub itself is subjected to much lower centrifugal forces, allowing Hartzell to reduce the structure and weight of the prop hub, by more than 4 lb.

Composites also allow a wide range of customized blade profiles and shapes for smoother, quieter and aerodynamically-superior performance.

Ron Hickman, president of Advanced Flight Systems Inc., who make glass-panel avionics systems for experimental aircraft, confirmed, “Everyone who has flown in my RV-10 with the Hartzell ASC-II composite propeller says it’s the smoothest single engine plane they have ever flown in.

“The new Hartzell composite propeller has also made a remarkable difference in the flying qualities of my RV-4. It’s incredibly smooth and the 12 lbs I saved over the old propeller makes a noticeable difference in how well it flies.”

Mike Disbrow, Hartzell’s senior vice-president, marketing and business development, said the warranty (1 year, 1,000 hours) and TBO (6 years/2,400 hours) on the Van’s applications match those on certificated aircraft if the kitplane’s engine is factory-certificated.

“We have plans to expand our line of composite props after years of research and development with carbon and Kevlar materials,” Disbrow said. “Every pound saved is weight you don’t have to fly around for the life of the airplane. Apart from the benefits of smoothness, lower noise and enhanced performance, it adds up to significant fuel savings,” he added.

The 2-blade, model HC-C2YR-1N/N7605-2 or -4, lists at $10,920, while the 3-blade, model HC-C3YR-1N/N7605 lists at $15,220.

Hartzell Propeller is widely recognized as the leader in advanced propeller design and manufacturing technology. The company has developed the next generation of propellers based upon innovative “blended airfoil” technology and is manufacturing these blades on revolutionary machining centers, or with its new ASC-II™ composite technology, to provide mission-optimized performance for its customers. Hartzell traces its beginnings in 1917 to a relationship with Orville Wright and was founded on the principle of “Built on Honor” – a tradition that continues today.

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