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Hartzell Engine Technologies Launches New Website

Date: February 10, 2015 Category: Blog
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Update your bookmarks aviation fans: is now Our sister company has launched a new, more customer focused, website. The first thing users will notice is that the site is beautifully designed for both desktop and mobile devices. That is important, of course, as more Internet users switch to browsing the web on their phones and tablets. However, the new design wasn’t what caught the eye of the Hartzell team. We live and breath aviation, so we were most excited that the site now references products and components from Plane-Power, which was recently acquired by Hartzell Engine Technologies. Seeing these products integrated into the Hartzell family of brands is a milestone that reminds us how quickly HET is rising to prominence in the industry.

Here’s what HET’s President Mike Disbrow said about the new site:

“Creating a new website is a lot like launching any new product – you have design, development, testing and finally you roll it out to the public – it’s a team effort and now that it’s done, I can say it’s equally exciting. We’re really proud of our new website. I think that our customers and maintenance shops will be very impressed with its look and functionality.”

Congratulations to everyone at Hartzell Engine Technology on their overhauled site. The Hartzell Propeller team is excited to see what the future holds for their company.

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