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Composite Spinner Field Maintenance and Minor Repair ManualComposite Spinner Field Maintenance and Minor Repair ManualThe Hartzell Field Maintenance manuals provided here are specialty manuals most commonly referenced by aircraft mechanics, including tooling, approved consumable materials, and maintenance and repair information for composite blades and metal spinners.

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Title Revision Description
Manual 127 23 Metal Spinner Maintenance Manual
Manual 148 24 Composite Spinner Maintenance Manual
Manual 165A 31 Illustrated Tool and Equipment Manual
Manual 170 21 Composite Propeller Blade Field Maintenance and Minor Repair Manual
Manual 173 Obsolete Composite Spinner Maintenance Manual
– Replaced by Manual 148
Manual 202A, Vol. 7 54 Standard Practices Manual, Volume 7
– Consumable Materials / Packaging and Storage
Manual 202A, Vol. 11 38 Standard Practices Manual, Volume 11
– Propeller Lubrication / Static and Dynamic Balance
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