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Date: March 28, 2006 Category: Press Releases
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The newly designed units offer excellent pump capacity and simple installation.


PIQUA, Ohio –March 28, 2006 – Hartzell Propeller Inc. today announced certification of its new S series propeller governors for piston engines. This new line of governors is intended to offer more competitive pricing than Hartzell’s current high performance line of governors. The S series is also designed to directly replace McCauley, Woodward (Ontic), and MT/Jihostroj governors, as well as offering a Hartzell option for tighter packaging envelopes such as those found in the larger range of Teledyne Continental engines (IO-520s and IO-550s).


At 8-10 quarts-per-minute (qpm), the S series governors feature higher oil pumping capacity than the units they are designed to replace while incorporating the same precision control valve assembly used in some of Hartzell’s higher performance units.  These new capabilities can help to reduce propeller surging which typically occurs in hot conditions or with older engines after the engine transfer bearing becomes worn. In addition to delivering higher pumping capacity and greater performance than the competition, the new governors are comparable in weight and size to those governors they replace and will be offered at competitive pricing.


Hartzell engineering used a “best practices” design philosophy in developing the S series of governors and was able to incorporate low-cost design and manufacturing methods without sacrificing Hartzell’s reputation in the industry for building extremely reliable and durable governors. The new units have also been carefully designed to minimize installation effort and reduce maintenance. They feature better access to the mounting studs, an infinitely adjustable control lever and a 6 position head.


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Hartzell Propeller Inc. is widely recognized as the leader in advanced propeller design and manufacturing technology. NASA has recognized Hartzell’s advanced design capability by naming it the exclusive propeller partner for its General Aviation Propulsion (GAP) program. The company has recently developed the next generation of propeller designs based upon innovative “blended airfoil” technology and is manufacturing these blades on revolutionary machining centers to provide mission optimized performance for its customers. Hartzell traces its beginnings in 1917 to a relationship with Orville Wright and was founded on the principal of Built on Honor – a tradition that continues today. For more information visit the company on the Web at

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