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Hartzell Introduces A New Three-Bladed Prop Conversion For The Piper Comanche 260C

Date: April 25, 2003 Category: Press Releases
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New System Features Extended Hub

Piper Comanche owners can now purchase Hartzell’s new Top Prop™ three-bladed propeller system with extended hub for the 260C.

PIQUA, Ohio — April 25, 2003 Hartzell Propeller Inc. announced today the availability of a new propeller conversion for the Piper Comanche 260C (PA24-260C). The new 77-inch diameter prop is designed for compatibility with both the normally aspirated IO-540-N1A5 and the turbocharged IO-540-R1A5 engines used in the”C” model 260 Comanche. The system has an extended hub to accommodate the 260C cowling and will deliver improved overall performance and reduced maintenance costs compared to original equipment two-bladers. The new kit completes Hartzell’s line of propeller conversions available for the 260 Comanches.

The new Comanche 260C propeller system is designed with a blade twist distribution that maximizes low speed thrust while maintaining or increasing cruise performance. The new prop also features a trailing edge extension (Synchro-Pulse) aligned with the engine induction inlet which is designed to provide a more intense pressure pulse to increase manifold pressure. This new propeller is part of Hartzell’s growing family of proven, constant speed designs that feature a compact aluminum hub and aluminum blades. The prop conversion is fully compatible with other popular Comanche mods such as those offered by Lopresti Speed Merchants.

The new prop also feature’s Hartzell’s scimitar shaped tip sweep and an airfoil designed to provide flight performance improvements over original equipment two-bladers. These include: superior acceleration, take-off and climb, lower cabin and flyover noise levels, as well as a shorter overall diameter which will reduce tip erosion and extend service life. The system also delivers an improved 2400 hour/6 year TBO and the exclusive Hartzell Plus Three™ warranty which provides a full three years or 1000 hours of coverage. Cost for the complete kit is $8,995 and includes the propeller, polished spinner, and STC paperwork.

Hartzell Propeller Inc. is widely recognized as the leader in advanced propeller design and manufacturing technology. NASA has recognized Hartzell’s advanced design capability by naming it the exclusive propeller partner for its General Aviation Propulsion (GAP) program. The company has recently developed the next generation of propeller designs based upon innovative “blended airfoil” technology and is manufacturing these blades on revolutionary machining centers to provide mission optimized performance for its customers. Hartzell traces its beginnings in 1917 to a relationship with Orville Wright and was founded on the principal of Built on Honor – a tradition that continues today. For more information visit the company on the Web at or fax your request to Hartzell at (937) 778-4321.

For more information about the Piper Comanche 260C propeller conversion kit or any other Top Prop performance conversion, visit the Top Prop section of the Hartzell Web site at, or call toll free (800) 942-7767 or (937) 778-5726. Fax your request to Hartzell at (937) 778-4215 or email

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