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Hartzell Introduces New “Blended Airfoil” Technology

Date: December 2, 2002 Category: Press Releases
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Advanced Propeller Design Capabilities Allow Optimum Aircraft Peformance

PIQUA, Ohio – December 2, 2002 — Hartzell Propeller today announced the introduction of advanced new design capabilities. Incorporation of the new technology will allow Hartzell aerodynamicists the ability to more readily maximize various elements of propeller performance in specific applications. New propeller designs based on this philosophy are already being made available on many popular general aviation aircraft. Examples include original equipment propellers for the Cirrus SR20 and SR22, the Lancair Legacy and the SOCATA TB20 and TB21. Recent STC’d installations include the Beechcraft Bonanza, Cessna 340 and 414, Piper Dakota and many others. Application of this technology is continuing on new applications, where appropriate.

The “blended” propeller designs allow for the incorporation of different airfoils along progressive sections of a blade. Thus, the design of the blade mid-section may be maximized for developing low-speed thrust while the tip sections may be optimized to reduce noise levels. In the past, most propeller designs for aircraft equipped with piston engines made use of one basic airfoil series across the entire length of the blade which can compromise aircraft performance or produce high noise levels.

In addition, the blended airfoil design process was implemented in conjunction with new propeller planform designs, such as Hartzell’s swept-tip scimitar props. When properly engineered, the use of tip sweep minimizes the strength of the sonic shock wave at the propeller blade tips and in combination with the blended airfoil designs can provide significant reductions in noise and increased performance. The new technology was developed by Hartzell through its involvement in various specialized applications for NASA, as well as for record breaking propellers designed for Bruce Bohannon’s Flyin’ Tiger and for record setting Lancairs racing at Reno. At the same time Hartzell has recently developed advanced next generation manufacturing capabilities for propeller blades. The goals of all these efforts are to produce mission optimized propellers able to incorporate absolute maximum flight performance, reduced noise profiles and greater blade-to-blade accuracy.

Hartzell Propeller Inc. is widely recognized as the leader in advanced propeller design and manufacturing technology. NASA has recognized Hartzell’s advanced design capability by naming it the exclusive propeller partner for its General Aviation Propulsion (GAP) program. The company has recently developed the next generation of propeller designs based upon innovative “blended airfoil” technology and is manufacturing these blades on revolutionary machining centers to provide mission optimized performance for its customers. Hartzell traces its beginnings in 1917 to a relationship with Orville Wright and was founded on the principal of Built on Honor – a tradition that continues today. For more information visit the company on the Web at or fax your request to Hartzell at (937) 778-4321.

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