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Hartzell Propeller Showcases Composite Innovations at 2023 NBAA-BACE

Date: October 4, 2023 Category: Press Releases
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LAS VEGAS, Oct. 4, 2023 — Hartzell Propeller Inc., the global leader in aircraft propeller design and manufacturing, will feature its latest carbon fiber propeller systems at the 2023 National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE). 

Hartzell’s carbon fiber propeller blades, which are certified for unlimited life, offer the advantages of stainless-steel wedge retention and electroformed nickel-cobalt leading edges.

The convention will take place from Oct. 17-19 in Las Vegas. Hartzell Propeller will be displaying its composite products, including advanced technology turboprop propellers at its Booth C7516, in the Central Hall near the Cirrus Aircraft display.

Achieving Peak Performance

“Hartzell’s presence at NBAA-BACE showcases the company’s deep investments in developing advanced carbon fiber propellers, which all deliver cutting-edge improvements in performance, efficiency and value,” said company president JJ Frigge. “Our latest propeller designs incorporate the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques available anywhere in the world in order to achieve optimal aircraft performance,” he added.

Frigge said, “We collaborate closely with aircraft manufacturers and modifiers, who are displaying at NBAA-BACE, to optimize propeller design for each specific aircraft. We are proud to showcase these innovative investments in manufacturing technology and aerodynamics at 2023 NBAA-BACE,” he added.

Pratt & Whitney PT6 Series Engine Applications

At the show, Hartzell is commemorating Pratt & Whitney’s 60th anniversary of the introduction of the reliable PT6 series turbine aircraft engines. Since 1928, Pratt & Whitney engines have flown a billion flight hours, with many thousands of its engines pulled through the skies by Hartzell props.

At NBAA-BACE, Raisbeck Engineering Inc. will have a Hartzell-manufactured next generation five-blade carbon fiber swept prop, specifically designed for Beechcraft King Air 250, on display in its Central Hall Booth C7534. Raisbeck also has an STC for a five-blade structural composite prop upgrade on the King Air 350. In addition, Hartzell joins Pilatus Aircraft in celebrating Pilatus Aircraft’s 2,000th PC-12 delivery this year, all equipped with Hartzell props on the production line.

Daher has launched the Kodiak 900 with Hartzell five-blade composite props, and a five-blade Hartzell composite prop was approved for new and retrofit Daher Kodiak 100s this spring. The long-time Hartzell OEM customer flies the company’s five-blade swept props across its entire fleet, including the TBM 900 series.

Piper Aircraft has also utilized Hartzell structural composite props as standard equipment on its M-Class line of turboprops. Aircraft modifier Wipaire is in the late stages of getting an STC on Hartzell Propeller’s four-blade carbon fiber prop for Cessna Caravan turboprops. And, under a Blackhawk Aerospace STC, Blackhawk offers Hartzell’s five-blade structural composite props on its engine and prop upgrade program for the King Air 300.

Hartzell designs next-generation advanced technology propellers using innovative blended airfoil technology. The company manufactures props with revolutionary machining centers, robotics, and custom resin transfer molding curing stations. 

About Hartzell Propeller

Hartzell Aviation’s flagship company is Hartzell Propeller, the global leader in advanced technology aircraft propeller design and manufacturing for business, commercial and government customers. Out of 10,000 total American employers originally considered, Forbes has named Hartzell Propeller as top five Aerospace and Defense small employer. The company designs next-generation propellers with innovative blended airfoil technology and manufactures them with revolutionary machining centers, robotics, and custom resin transfer molding curing stations. For more information go to

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