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Hartzell Sponsored Seasons of Safety Webinar To Cover Ferrying Inactive Super Cub

Date: September 28, 2020 Category: Press Releases
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Extended VFR Journey Across Country


PIQUA, Ohio, Sept. 28, 2020 – The third in a four-part Seasons of Safety webinars conducted by the AOPA Air Safety Institute (ASI) has been released. The episode covers ASI’s Richard McSpadden as he ferries an inactive PA-18 Super Cub across the country this summer during the pandemic. 

His long-range, solo VFR flight took him from the desert of New Mexico, through the Idaho, Montana and Wisconsin backcountry, and east to the Atlantic coast. McSpadden discusses risk management on his extended VFR journey, handling strong winds on the surface and amid the mountains; crossing high terrain; ferrying inactive airplanes; staying safe during a pandemic; and more. It can be downloaded at—a-cross-continent-vfr-journey?autoStart=true

“Hartzell Propeller’s love of flying and passion for safety inspired us to sponsor this series from the AOPA Air Safety Institute,” said company President JJ Frigge. “The series highlights safety and awareness even though we weren’t able to participate in the in-person pilot proficiency forums normally conducted at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh due to the pandemic,” he added. 

“I purchased an aircraft earlier this summer when COVID-19 restrictions were loosened and it needed some work. It was ready for pick up in August,” McFadden said. “I knew that getting it home might be a challenge and I would need to do some good preflight planning to make this work well. Here’s what happened on the flight and some key takeaways about long VFR cross-country flights that you can benefit from.”

The first webinar, The Awakening – Coming Out of Hibernation, which aired March 5, generated more than 10,000 views. It covered the keys to regaining pilot proficiency and making sure the airplane and other equipment is ready for flight.

The second webinar episode, 105 Days of Safe Summer Flying, delved into the challenges of summer flying. Both the earlier webinars are available for viewing at:

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