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Hartzell Three-blade Scimitar Top Prop™ With De-icing System Improves Performance of Cessna T210L

Date: May 29, 2009 Category: Press Releases
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Piqua, Ohio, May 29, 2009: Owners of the popular turbocharged Cessna T210L Centurion with propeller de-ice can now experience improved performance in all phases of flight by installing one of Hartzell Propeller’s newest three-blade Scimitar Top Props, with a fully compatible propeller de-ice system.

The Hartzell factory-installed electro-thermal de-ice boots, as well as new propeller de-ice kits, enhance the company’s existing STC coverage for those aircraft that were originally equipped with propeller de-icing, now including turbocharged 28-volt T210L airplanes.

Data gathered from computer predictions validated improved runway acceleration to 60 knots by more than 3%, while extensive flight tests to 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 feet showed increased initial sea level climb of 35 feet per minute, or 4%, and slightly increased cruise performance, with speeds 2 to 3 knots greater than with the T210L’s original propeller.

Mike Trudeau, Hartzell Propeller’s Top Prop program manager said the enhanced STC coverage brings new economics and better value to owners of Cessna T210L airplanes. “Better performance on the runway and in the air will, we believe, attract a very positive reaction from owners from all corners of the world.  Our design engineers and aerodynamicists are making Top Props live up to their name, once again.”

List prices for the kit from Hartzell’s worldwide dealer and service network, ranges from $9,800 to $11,800, depending on required equipment.

Hartzell Propeller is widely recognized as the leader in advanced propeller design and manufacturing technology. The company has developed the next generation of propellers based upon innovative “blended airfoil” technology and is manufacturing these blades on revolutionary machining centers, or with its new ASC-II™ composite technology, to provide mission-optimized performance for its customers. Hartzell traces its beginnings in 1917 to a relationship with Orville Wright and was founded on the principle of “Built on Honor” – a tradition that continues today.

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