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Yellow airplane on snow with text: Top Prop Propeller Performance Conversions, Delivering Quality, Performance, and Support

Top Prop Propeller Performance Conversions: Delivering Quality, Performance, and Support

Date: June 23, 2023 Category: Blog Tags: , , , , ,
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With a vast and growing product portfolio, shorter lead times, and an industry-leading warranty, Hartzell’s Top Prop propeller conversion program is bringing advanced propeller technology to general aviation aircraft around the world.

What are Top Prop Performance Conversions?

Top Prop was created to allow aircraft owners to gain more value and performance from their existing airplane by upgrading to Hartzell’s innovative new designs featuring scimitar blades, blended airfoils, and rugged structural composite materials.

Based on an aircraft’s airframe and engine, Hartzell’s propeller experts can match the aircraft with a propeller STC kit that offers significant performance benefits such as shorter take-off distances, lower noise levels, better ground clearance, reduced tip erosion, increased climb rates, increased cruise speeds, and smoother operation.

By upgrading to advanced technology that delivers real results, a Hartzell propeller conversion is one of the smartest investments you can make for your aircraft.

Airplane graphic with text: Wait Less. Fly More. Top Prop Propeller Performance Conversions. Now with a 2 wait lead time on aluminum compact propellers

Wait Less, Fly More: Top Prop Lead Times Reduced

General aviation saw a “mini boom” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with growing interest in GA planes as an alternative form of transportation. As new and rusty pilots alike took to the skies, Hartzell Propeller saw strong demand for Top Prop propellers to improve the performance of existing aircraft. To meet this rising demand and improve lead times on new propeller production, Hartzell focused on investing in people, machinery, and processes.

“We’re proud to say we’ve been able to reduce our lead times from 20+ weeks during the height of the post-COVID general aviation surge to now only two weeks for aluminum compact propellers,” explained JJ Frigge, President of Hartzell Propeller. “While there’s still very strong demand for our products, we have increased our capacity and production rates to meet customer needs and deliver the best in quality, performance, and support.”

Aircraft with scimitar aluminum blades and text: Soar with Certainty; Industry Leading Top Prop Propeller Warranty through first overhaul, up to 6 years or 2,400 hours

Soar with Certainty: Top Prop Industry-Leading Warranty

In an effort to reduce the costs of flying and promote safety through periodic maintenance, Hartzell’s Top Prop program also offers the longest propeller warranty in the general aviation industry. Our Top Prop warranty covers the propeller all the way through first overhaul, up to 6 years or 2,400 hours!

When the time comes for service and overhaul, Hartzell has a network of Recommended Service Facilities located across the globe, in addition to our state-of-the-art Hartzell Service Center.

Ready to Upgrade Your Prop?

No matter your aircraft, Hartzell likely has a Top Prop that offers higher cruise speed, better climb performance, and lower noise.

Contact our Hartzell Prop Top team to get started and find the right propeller conversion kit for your airplane.

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