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IFR Proficiency Center Heads to Palm Springs

Date: September 24, 2014 Category: Blog
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The FLYING Aviation Expo in Palm Springs, California is fast approaching, and neither rain, nor sleet nor snow will stop it. The question is, can inclement or cloudy weather stop you? Getting  instrument rated opens up an entire world of piloting experiences and makes pilots safer and more capable of dealing with the the unknown. That’s why Hartzell is collaborating with Red Bird, The IMC Club, EAA, Jeppesen and FLYING to bring the IFR Proficiency Center to Aviation Expo attendees.

The IFR Proficiency Center is much more than your average simulator. It combines high-tech hardware and software from Red Bird with live aircraft control services from PilotEdge and workshops from Jeppesen and IMC Club. The Center is a full-spectrum approach to engaging new pilots in IFR proficiency and expanding the horizons of certified pilots.

How is Hartzell helping out with the IFR Center? Our sponsorship was instrumental in getting the program off the ground. Our HQ in Piqua, Ohio is home to its own IMC Club, and we are committed to making it easier for pilots around the nation to achieve certification. We believe that IFR training creates better pilots, and we know that great pilots overwhelmingly choose Hartzell propellers. It’s a win-win!

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