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Inspiring In-air Video from Get into Flying

Date: December 5, 2014 Category: Blog
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Get into Flying is the UK’s go-to source for all things aviation. They provide enthusiasts with up-to-date industry news, and offer advice and encouragement for newcomers interested in becoming pilots. Back in August, Hartzell announced a new partnership with Get into Flying that will showcase the thrill of flying over the UK countryside like never before.  Through this partnership, we equipped their team with top-of-the-line video equipment and cinema-quality camera stabilization technology. We will share all of their videos as they are released, but it’s the in-air videos that have us the most excited.

Their staff loves aviation, and it shows in the everything they produce. The passion they embody is the defining element that has marked all of our most successful partnerships, since we first began producing props for the Wright brothers. Aviation engineering is a technical discipline, but the greatest innovators are driven by a love of flying. That’s what we mean when we say “aviation is in our DNA,” and we see it in the team at Get into Flying. Partnering with them has been a pleasure, and we cannot wait to share their work with you.

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