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Reliability Matters | Matt Chapman and Hartzell Propeller

Date: August 10, 2017 Category: 100 Years, Blog Tags: , ,
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Hartzell Propeller has been in business for 100 years, designing and manufacturing aircraft propellers for pilots around the world. For 30 of those years, our friend Matt Chapman has been using our props to amaze airshow crowds across the world.

Matt started flying aerobatics in 1984 and soon became one of the most skilled competitors around. At the 1988 World Aerobatic Championships, Matt was the highest-ranking American pilot, finishing third in the world and earning the Hilliard Trophy while leading the Men’s Team to a silver medal. He also achieved victory at several other competitions, winning the International Aerobatic Club Championships in 1994 and the Fond du Lac Cup in 1995.

His impressive aerobatic career has led him to the world of airshows, where he performs individually and leads the 4CE formation aerobatic team in exceptional and daring maneuvers.

We caught up with Matt to talk about our relationship and capture some of his aerial artistry. Thanks again, Matt, for sharing your kind words and helping us celebrate our milestone 100th anniversary.


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