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More Cessna 210 Operators Can Take Advantage Of Hartzell’s Three-Bladed Top Prop™ Propeller System

Date: November 27, 1995 Category: Press Releases
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PIQUA, Ohio — November 27, 1995 — It was announced today that more Cessna 210 operators can now take advantage of Hartzell’s popular, high-performance, three-bladed propeller conversion. Previously the Top Prop™ system was only available for the turbocharged T210M and T210N. Now, Hartzell’s swept-blade scimitar propeller technology can be retrofitted to all 210s with IO-520-L engines (210K, 210L, 210M and 210N).

The scimitar system consists of an aluminum hub and blades and is a member of the company’s growing list of next generation lightweight, compact propellers.

Like many 210 pilots, Larry Fruth, of Sandusky, Ohio, operates his aircraft for both business and pleasure. His business trips consist of visiting customers while picking up and delivering the machined parts his company custom remanufactures. Larry removed an original factory three-bladed prop to install his new Top Prop system and has realized a number of valuable performance gains.

“The first thing I noticed was a dramatic difference in ground clearance which has almost eliminated the continuous nicks and scratches I used to pick-up. Also, acceleration on take-off is better, climb performance is improved, and I believe the aircraft is a little faster.”

Larry noticed another interesting performance advantage: “… reducing power on most 210s is like throwing out an anchor. With my new prop, this effect is dramatically reduced. I think I would have a much better chance of making the field now in an emergency.”

This overall improvement in performance is largely derived from a new blade root to blade tip twist distribution that maximizes performance within the specific flight envelope of the aircraft. This new “distribution” also contributes to the noise reduction by allowing the inboard section of the blade to do more work, effectively unloading the tip where most propeller noise is generated.

In regard to noise level, Fruth noted: “One of the ways I know the noise has been reduced is that now my wife can’t hear me on my approach in to our local airport. Before, she always knew when I was home.”

The highly twisted blades also give the aircraft a more aggressive look while improving ground clearance with a new 78-inch overall diameter (original equipment two-bladed props have an 83-inch diameter while original equipment three-bladed props have an 80 or 82-inch diameter). This reduces blade tip erosion and the frequency of prop strikes. Combined with Hartzell’s exclusive Plus Three™ warranty (1,000 Hour/3 Year), and extended TBO (2,000 Hour/5 Year), 210 operators will also enjoy a significant reduction in maintenance costs. Price for the kit is $6,995 plus shipping and includes the three-bladed prop, a polished spinner and appropriate STC paperwork.

Hartzell Propeller Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of propeller systems enjoying 60 percent market share on turboprop airliners and 85 percent market share on corporate turboprops. The 78-year-old company is also well known for its design leadership having introduced the industry’s first full-feathering propeller for light twins, the first fully reversing propellers for corporate turboprops and the industry’s first composite structure blades.

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