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A Treasured Relationship: Piper Aircraft and Hartzell Propeller

Date: July 13, 2017 Category: 100 Years, Blog Tags: , , ,
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Piper Aircraft has been one of the most successful and prolific aircraft builders in the history of general aviation. And Hartzell Propeller is proud to help lift them to new heights. On the occasion of our 100th anniversary, we sat down with Piper CEO Simon Caldecott to discuss our treasured relationship.

Since the introduction of the Comanche and Apache in the mid-1950s, Hartzell propellers have been standard equipment on most of Piper’s product lines. Today, Hartzell propellers equip the entire prestigious Piper “M Class” with 4-blade aluminum on the turbine powered Meridian, and an ASC-II advanced structural composite 3-blade scimitar on the Mirage/Matrix models. Hartzell’s Top Prop program builds on this symbiotic relationship by offering the same proven structural composite propeller as an after-market upgrade for earlier Mirage aircraft. Hartzell also offers 3-blade conversions for most constant speed equipped Piper singles and light twins. Many of these conversions, like the recently approved Aztec and Seminole 2-blade conversion kits, feature the latest in blended airfoil, scimitar technology for the very best performance with added noise reduction.

Most recently, in April 2017, Hartzell Propeller’s 83-inch composite Trailblazer propeller received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for Super Cub PA-12 and PA-18 aircraft.

And in May, Hartzell Propeller’s new five-blade composite swept tip prop received FAA approval for installation on the Piper M600 turboprop aircraft. This new propeller was designed specifically for the Piper M600.

Piper Aircraft has always offered some of the best aviation values in the sky. See what a new Top Prop performance propeller conversion can do to make it even better. Download the full Piper catalog here.

A special thank you to Piper Aircraft for our continued partnership and for the support on the occasion of our 100th anniversary.

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