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Pratt & Whitney Canada Celebrates 50 Years of Collaboration

Date: September 17, 2014 Category: Blog
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This year, Pratt & Whitney Canada is celebrating the 50 year history of the PT6 engine. This high performance engine, P&WC and their loyal following at PT6 Nation have been loyal partners in Hartzell’s quest to produce the finest airplane propeller systems in the world. The first PT6 to leave the assembly-line was paired with a Hartzell propeller. Today, there are over 60 different models of PT6 turboprop engines boasting meticulously designed aircraft propellers from our factory in Piqua, Ohio.  As part of their ongoing celebration of the engine’s 50th anniversary, PT6 Nation is has assembled a tribute to the long and successful history of collaboration between Hartzell and P&WC.

Here’s what Hartzell’s Executive Vice President, J.J. Frigge, had to say about Pratt & Whitney Canada:

“We have grown together. Both companies are dedicated to quality and safety. With engineering in our DNA, we have a passion for innovation and to make aircraft fly better.”

You can read the entire article and see historical photographs of the PT6 here.

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