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Hartzell Propeller offers a large catalog of aluminum blades to choose from for piston engine aircraft ranging from 150 HP to over 350 HP. A lot has changed since the 1940’s when Hartzell began manufacturing aluminum blades, with one of the most significant changes being in the advancement of blade design capabilities. This allowed for the introduction of the “blended airfoil” design in 2002. With this technology, Hartzell engineers are able to design a blade that maximizes low-speed thrust while optimizing the tip design to reduce noise levels.

The Scimitar blade design wasn’t developed by Hartzell, but we’ve certainly taken it to a new level. Designed to maximize cruise performance while reducing noise, Hartzell Scimitar blades also have a ramp appeal that’s hard to ignore.

3-blade FC7391 aluminum blade certified up to 350hp               2-blade F7497 aluminum blade currently available for 180hp-210hp engines               3-blade aluminum propeller with F7693 blades currently approved for 230hp-300hp on single engine aircraft and 335hp on twin engine aircraft

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