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Hartzell’s structural composite propeller technology is trusted by pilots around the world. It has been proven in years of service in the demanding commuter-regional airline industry on the Beech 1900C and 1900D, CASA 212, and Dornier Do328.

In 2006, Hartzell introduced the second generation Advance Structural Composite propeller blade (ASC-II). The Hartzell ASC-II is a propeller that delivers all of the advantages provided by Hartzell’s first generation of composite propellers – low weight, low inertia, and low life cycle costs – while minimizing the historical disadvantage: the high-cost manufacturing process.

The Hartzell ASC-II consists of a unique monocoque structure of advanced composite materials. The structure consists of carbon fiber laminates integrated into a co-molded stainless steel shank. The leading edge outboard of the de-ice boot is protected with a co-molded electroformed nickel erosion shield.

The latest design to be added to the growing family of structural composite propeller blades was recently certified on the Beechcraft King Air 250.

5-blade propeller with lightweight aluminum hub and composite blades installed on Pilatus PC-21               6-blade composite blade dual-acting propeller installed on Dornier Do328               4-blade propeller with NC9208 composite blades installed on Beechcraft KA250

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Hartzell Propeller