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Cessna 177RG, F177RG (Reims) Cardinal

Manufacturer: Cessna
Aircraft Model(s): 177RG, F177RG Reims (200 hp)
Applicable Engines: IO-360-A1B6(D) 200HP engine

PDF: Cessna 177RG, F177RG (Reims) Cardinal

Kit Includes:

1 2-Bladed Propeller HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7894
1 Composite Spinner 106848F1 (White) or 106848F2 Silver Metallic
1 Spinner Mounting Kit A-2476-63
1 STC Paperwork SA04200CH

Applicable Models:
177RG, F177RG Reims (200 hp)

78 inch diameter 2-bladed aluminum hub propeller
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
59 pounds (propeller and spinner)
Diameter reduction allowable to 77 inches
Placard – “Continuous operation is prohibited between 2000 – 2300 RPM with less than 10 inches manifold pressure”.

McCauley C206 – 78 inch diameter 2-bladed prop
Diameter reduction allowable to 76.5 ins.(177RG)
2000 hour / 6 year TBO

McCauley C207 – 78 inch diameter 2-bladed prop
Diameter reduction 76.5 inches
2000 hour / 6 year TBO

Longer TBO – Longer Warranty
Climb & Cruise performance equal to or greater than original
Improved appearance – Scimitar blade
Diameter reduction allowable in the event of tip damage
Globally acceptable 86.1 dB(a) measured noise number (FAR 36,
Appendix G, and ICAO Annex 16, Chapter 10)
Compatible with Powerflow Systems STC SA03623AT (tuned exhaust system)

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