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A fact that many Mooney aficionados don’t know is that one of the primary launch customers of the basic Hartzell 2-blade aluminum compact constant speed propeller was early Mooney M20 model aircraft. The M20 airframe was changing fast during the 1960s with the addition of metal wings, a fuselage stretch, increased gross weights, and more horsepower. Through all these rapid changes, the Hartzell aluminum compact propeller was either standard or optional equipment. During recent years we’ve watched as Mooney Aircraft chased the speed and efficiency title through even more modifications to the M20 airframe. During these years, Hartzell pursued these popular late models offering 3-blade propellers with unequaled performance and value to the Ovation series, and again became the manufacturer’s propeller of choice. Hartzell’s Top Prop conversion program offers this three blade installation for all M20R models, the latest technology in a blended airfoil scimitar 2-blade for four cylinder Mooneys, and more. Mooney airplanes are all about performance. A Top Prop Performance conversion kit can make it better.


2-blade Scimitar








3-blade Scimitar

M20R, M20S, and M20TN

3-blade Scimitar
3-blade ASCII Composite

Hartzell Propeller