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Pilatus PC-12/47E S/N 1576 and up

Manufacturer: Pilatus
Aircraft Model(s): Pilatus PC-12/47E S/N 1576 and up
Applicable Engines: PT6A-67B or PT6A-67P engine

PDF: PC-12

Base Kit Includes:

1 5-Bladed ASCII Composite Propeller HC-E5A-3A/NC10245B
1 Polished Spinner 105820P
1 Airframe De-ice Kit 105940
1 Gust-Lock Cover 106515-012

Applicable Models:
Pilatus PC-12/47E S/N 1576 and up with PT6A-67B or PT6A-67P engine

Hartzell 105 inch diameter 5-bladed, HC-E5A-3A/NC10245B*1 light-weight, aluminum hub propeller with all carbon
Advanced Structural Composite, Second Generation
(ASCII), swept-tip, scimitar composite blades
4000 hour / 6 year TBO
168.5 pounds (prop and spinner)

Carbon fiber construction allowing for thinner, stiffer airfoil design for better all around performance
Strongest material available with field replaceable nickel steel leading edge erosion shield – no lost performance due to reduced diameter
Best Warranty in the industry along with worldwide support.

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