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Trailblazer Homebuilt®
Carbon Fiber Composite Technology

Manufacturer: Trailblazer Homebuilt®
Applicable Engines: select Lycoming (I)O-360 & IO-390 engines for amateur-built applications

FAA Designee tested, vibrationally compatible with select 180, 200, & 210 hp Lycoming engines. For use with counter-weighted and non-counter-weighted crankshaft engines. Multiple diameter units are available. Hartzell’s 8301 Trailblazer blade was specifically designed for low speed thrust, take-off, and climb performance.


Available Models:

1 83″ 2-Blade Carbon Fiber Propeller, Standard Hub HC-C2YR-1N/NG8301
1 80″ 2-Blade Carbon Fiber Propeller, Standard Hub HC-C2YR-1N/NG8301-3
1 78″ 2-Blade Carbon Fiber Propeller, Standard Hub HC-C2YR-1N/NG8301-5
1 76″ 2-Blade Carbon Fiber Propeller, Standard Hub HC-C2YR-1N/NG8301-7


Compatible with:
180 HP @ 2700 RPM
No crankshaft counterweights
Compression ratio 8.5:1 or less
(Not compatible with 76″ diameter propeller)

b. (I)O360-()1()6
180 or 200 HP @ 2700 RPM
With crankshaft counterweights
Compression ratio 8.9:1 or less

c. IO-390-A3()6
210 HP @ 2700

2-bladed, aluminum hub, ASC II Composite Blades
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
43.0 pounds (propeller)

No RPM limitations (yellow arc)
Smoother idle
Very light weight
Most technologically advanced
High durability and lowest life cycle cost

Note 1: Trailblazer Homebuilt® kits do not come with spinner assemblies or spinner mounting kits.
Note 2: Models are available for special order only. Contact Mike Trudeau at for details.

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