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Mirage Matrix 3-Blade, Composite, No De-ice

Manufacturer: Piper
Aircraft Model(s): PA-46-350P Mirage, PA46R-350T Matrix
Applicable Engines: TSIO-540-AE2A

PDF: Mirage Matrix 3-Blade, Composite, No De-ice

Base Kit Includes:

1 Polished Spinner Assembly D-6750-1P
1 3-Bladed Propeller HC-I3Y1R-1N/N7605C+2
1 STC Document Set SA02677CH-D





Applicable Models:
PA-46-350P Mirage, s/n 4622001 to 4622200, 4636001 and after; PA46R-350T Matrix

80-inch diameter 3-bladed light weight aluminum hub propeller
Next Generation Advanced Structural Composite (ASC II) blades
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
64.0 pounds (propeller and spinner)

Hartzell HC-I2YR-1BF/F8074K- 80 inch dia. 2-bladed prop
2000 hour / 5 year TBO
63.5 pounds (propeller and spinner)

Hartzell HC-I3YR-1E/7890K- 80 inch dia. 3-bladed prop
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
75.4 pounds (propeller and spinner)

Lighter weight
Better take-off and climb performance
Lower noise
Improved appearance
Smoother operation
Longer TBO

Installation kits assume that the above Hartzell 2-blade or 3-blade propeller was installed per the original type certificate data sheet (TCDS) or STC SA1340CH. If any other propeller has been installed, the aircraft must be returned to the original TC’ed configuration before installing this STC.
-Approximately 40 hours of labor are required to install this STC kit (Approximately 30 hours are required when installed in conjunction with an annual inspection). See order info note below.
-Approximately 2-3 hours installation time should be expected when replacing the Hartzell 3-blade, HC-I3YR-1E/7890K.

Wire is not included with the kit. The following wire is required when replacing the 2-blade Hartzell and must be purchased seperately:
M22759/7-14 Qty. 30 ft.
M22759/7-16 Qty. 2 ft.
M22759/7-18 Qty. 6 ft.
M22759/7-20 Qty. 10 ft.
Supplier for the wire: Astro Wire & Cable
(800) 543-5810

Also, auxiliary cabin heat is interlocked with the propeller de-ice system, therefore auxiliary cabin heat is inoperative when propeller heat is turned on.

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