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In the world of aviation, few airplanes combine luxury and performance quite like TBM. And Hartzell Propeller’s swept airfoil five-blade props for Daher TBM 700/850/900/930 aircraft have proven to be wildly popular with TBM owners around the world. Hartzell’s design maximizes blade chord thickness and sweep, resulting in thin, light and strong blades that contribute significantly to the TBM 900’s exceptional performance. The prop’s thinner airfoil is made possible due to carbon fiber’s great strength combined with next-generation, advanced structural composite and proprietary composite material monocoque construction techniques. The Hartzell five-blade prop is quiet in the cabin and in the pattern and performs with shorter takeoff rolls, a better rate-of-climb and cruise speeds, very smooth rides and a shorter stopping distance. An innovative nickel erosion mesh and field replaceable nickel-cobalt erosion shield is incorporated to prevent foreign object damage to the unlimited-life blades.


TB20, TB21


TBM 700A, B, C1, C2, and N (TBM 850)

5-blade ASCII composite

TBM 700N (TBM 900/930)

5-blade ASCII composite

Hartzell Propeller